I absolutely love to take all kinds of photographs...portraits, sports, action, wildlife, and landscape.  Originally my photography was all about wildlife.  I had previously worked as a ranger in Yellowstone National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and my opportunities to photograph wildlife were many and varied.  I still go to Yellowstone generally at least once a year specifically to photograph wildlife. 

But these days, I think it is so much fun and incredibly rewarding to capture special moments in the lives of children or young adults. Be it some type of sporting event or senior photos for a high school graduate, I take pride in getting the image that will be cherished forever. When I look back on the many sports images I've taken of my two boys, I am so thankful I was able to capture those fleeting moments in time. I hope you will give me the opportunity to photograph events in your lives. Please contact me and I'll take some special images of the important people in your life.

Norm Keally